Faith and Action Working Together

Faith by Itself is Dead

Stumbling at Just One Point

Don’t Show Favoritism

True Religion

Do What it Says

Quick and Slow

The Gift and the Giver

Trials and Temptations

High and Low

Wisdom Wanted

Progress Through Trials

Strength in Weakness

Power From God

Hope in Hardship

The Flow of Comfort

Always Working

Who Loves More?

Take All I Have

Sick Of Sin

Helping Hands

This Is Only A Test

God Will Gain Glory

Old Meal. New Meaning.

I Don’t Know

Detour Ahead

No More Excuses

Stopping Short Of Bethel

Freedom In The Lord

God At The Altar

Paradise Gained And Lost

The Perfect Father

Scattering The Seed

He Sent His Son

Previous Battle Experience


Hard Working Women

King Over All

Looking Down or Looking Up

He Must Reign

If Christ Has Not Been Raised

Send Lazarus

True Riches


Rich Toward God

Love Built This

Won’t You Be My Neighbor


Hearing and Doing

Living, Chosen, and Precious

Men Spoke from God

This or That

Opening The Book

Do You Understand


God With Us

A Family Christmas

The Dawn Of Christmas

Buried With Him. Raised With Him.

Wash Your Sins Away

Be Thankful

In The Service

The Problem Of Evil

God Will Meet All Your Needs

Giving and Receiving


Just Thinking

Rejoicing + Prayer = Peace

Agree In The Lord

Enemies Of The Cross

Pressing On

Walking in the Light

The Surpassing Greatness of Knowing

Sending Friends

We Have Heard For Ourselves


God at Work

Humble Exaltation


Better Than Me

Standing. Suffering. Struggling.

The God of your Fathers

Torn Between the Two